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Terms & Conditions

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Meet the expert’s forum provides an opportunity to students, company representatives, start-ups and agencies to interact with experts and decision-makers at PharmD-2021 to solve the complex research problems and collaborate with them to potential partners.


Industry prospectors are looking for breakthrough technologies that are ready for licensing, corporate partnering, or investment opportunities. This can include prototypes, demonstrations, and display booths to showcase your innovative solutions at PharmD-2021. Pitch your idea to an industrial expert jury to raise the capital you need to get started.


PharmD-2021 help commercialize your innovations and build your business development pipeline through corporate partnering. We will arrange one-on-one partnering meeting on request. We will share all the conference attendees list with you, a month before the conference and arrange for one-on-one meeting with selected corporate representatives.


PharmD-2021 not only open doors to your career, but also open your eyes to future opportunities, new cultures, and international perspectives. With the majority of the students interested in doing higher studies abroad, students' marketing forum provides an opportunity for Postgraduate and Undergraduate students to have formal communication with University representatives from around the world. Postgraduate student recruitment is increasingly becoming a strategic priority for higher education institutions. PharmD-2021 provides an excellent networking opportunity for potential collaboration with businesses and organizations for students.